Old and New

In the past few weeks, Tracee and I have been privileged to travel around and perform quite a bit. Musicians are strange creatures. Perhaps it is a performers curse, our souls seek out the art form for which we are suited.

I spend hours on this computer, writing, thinking, and "communicating" yet, I feel more disconnected than ever. It is so exciting to see names and faces on services like facebook and linkedin. Memories of old times return in a rush of emotion and energy. When I couple those "old" experiences with recent ones, at the Lasker Summer Music Festival, at the Powhatan 4th of July concert, and then this morning at Bon Air Baptist.. I am encouraged. The memories that seem to matter all revolve around making music and spending time with family. Connected or not, it is the actions and not the words that matter.

My community sustains me, both old and new. It burden and constrains me, both old and new. Connections to systems, and institutions set the bar for success. Connections to people and the future sustain and fulfill the soul. God is Love, he is our Alpha and Omega, truly...


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