Mclaren: Presidential candidates

Anyone thinking about not voting should read this thoughtful commentary by celebrated author Brian Mclaren.

Here is a comment/quote that really struck me.

" I don't expect any candidate to be perfect. In fact, my theological beliefs tell me that I will always be choosing between the lesser of two evils - or more positively put, the better of two less-than-perfects. The fact that candidates are willing to endure the hard work, the media scrutiny, the pressure, the responsibility - of both the election and the office - can be seen a sign of something good. After all, if all a candidate cared about was personal peace, personal comfort, or personal wealth, there are a lot better ways to get ahead. So rather than say, "I don't think either candidate is good enough for my vote," I'm more prone to say, "Thank God that people are willing to run at all, and thank God that we have two candidates as good as the ones we have." We could be choosing between Mugabe and Mugabe."


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