Decision Made: McCain

I am a republican through and through.. yet I have spent months thinking about voting for the Democrats. I haven't been pleased in the past few years with my parties' performance.. however, I have to say that in the past few weeks, my decision and support has been made clear. My gut tells me to go with integrity, patriotism, knowledge and experience.

John McCain is the right choice for our future. I hope more and more people will spend time reading, learning, listening and thinking very carefully instead of listening to the media. Learn and think for yourself.. use your own personal experience to make decisions.

Mr Obama has personality, energy and charisma, but by his own admission, a tremendous lack of experience. John McCain and his straight talk express are the way to go.

Our world is out of control, our political system isn't perfect... we need leadership not just "hope" Hope is not a management strategy. It is essential, but it must be what is left, not where we start. Change for the sake of change is useless ultimately. This is, indeed, a change election...But, the choice is between the right change and the wrong change; between going forward and going backward. We have to be going somewhere and have some realistic plan of how to get there. This plan must be rooted in the reality of our violent, ugly world with all of its complexities rather than the eloquent, rhetoric of campaign. Don't hope for change.. Vote for leader that can take us into the future with options. Plans don't mean much, as Eisenhower said, but Planning is everything.

Leadership requires experience, willingness to make hard calls, and integrity. McCain has all of these. For a look at his "positions" check out his Decision Center... a great comparison page.

I write often about transparency and honesty in leadership. I felt an obligation to declare my position so that I could write freely in the future. It was time to get off of the fence and join in the system. Dialogue and debate are important for decisions like this but my decision is made. From now, I'll be a resource to help others with their decisions.

If you are interested in helping me, help John McCain get elected let me know. While I am not a Vet, I am now an Area Coordinator assisting Va Vets for McCain and the National McCain campaign 08. We can use your help. This group, led by some real patriots and heros is mobilizing and making a difference for our future in Va and beyond.


Alex said…
Very nice. Unable to defend your position so you delete. Jesus must be very proud of you.
Jeff Prillaman said…
Hello Alex, you are correct that I deleted your comments. I am sorry if that offended you. I didn't like the language or indicting nature and while I respect your right to say it, I won't keep it on MY blog. Just as you said before.

BTW, Jesus is proud of me, and you too.. despite both of our faults.
Alex said…
Odd. Had I come onto your blog and used profanity I would understand. Quoting your candidates sexist and vulgar profanity and showing you respect by not spelling it out completely that's a bit different...

Once again, perhaps you feel it is ok to call your wife names like that but I believe that speaks to a person's true character. And there McCain comes up very, very short. Really, do you think it is ok to call your wife that, in front of other people?
Chris said…

I'm not sure what you posted, but the tone of your follow up comment leads me to believe you weren't interested in having a constructive discussion.
Alex said…
Chris - I've read your recent stuff. Your the one who makes broad statements you are unable or unwilling to defend and when asked to explain you cry persecution.

Funny how you put a post up crying about people making assumptions about you and then you go and make assumptions about others.
Jeff Prillaman said…
Alex.. I would love to hear your case about how you feel that your candidate stacks up to the altruistic ideals that I wrote about. Please share.. but also, please refrain from personal attacks in the future. I would love for us to have a discussion as you are clearly passionate, but I'd like to learn more not be berated for what I may or may not know.
Alex said…
Jeff - Are you going to ask Chris to refrain from personal attacks also?
Jeff Prillaman said…
If I had read a personal attack from Chris, I definitely would. However, that is not the case here at all.
I do tend to agree that the tone of your comments was not constructive and your comments prior were adversarial, hence my deletion. I sincerely hope that you will change that.

As I stated before, I would be interested to hear your positively focused examples of integrity, patriotism, knowledge and experience, etc.. for your candidate of choice.

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