Adoration: Obama-anity

Does anyone else out there think the media is overdoing their "love affair" with Obama just a bit? I know a lot of people like the man, but come on..

I also know that I have declared as a John McCain supporter, but the tone of every interview and soundbyte seems to almost ooze "I Love You". I seriously do get that the man has charisma and appeal. He had me thinking about him for months. Yes he is black, and is a poster child for diversity, and a role model for millions of underprivileged kids and adults for that matter. There are athletes and actors and plenty of others who fit this bill. Can he actually LEAD this country?

He is campaigning to be our President and he needs to show more than flash. The speeches often sound good, "believe, change, etc" but he has to be able to actually deliver on all that idealism. How about a little Straight Talk? When will he start answering HOW he will do all of the things he is talking about. The soaring rhetoric is beautiful and elegant and reminiscent of the campaign that Bill Clinton forged to my naive eyes and ears. He talks of partnership and change and a "world view" that is new. Exactly, how will all of that be executed?

Also, why is a "candidate" for President of the United States campaigning in Germany? I simply don't understand it. I think maybe he should get elected here before he tours the world talking with such presidential manner. Sorry, for this last bit, but it did irritate me personally. Is it just easier to get on TV and get more coverage by talking to Germans? What exactly does that say? I wish I knew, but it doesn't seem good to me. I'd rather see a rally on Hollywood strip with Americans.


RVA Foodie said…
Putting Barak Obama in league with actors and athletes is demeaning. Why would you discount an elected official's career of public service? The man is a US Senator. Of course he is going to engage in diplomacy and building relationships abroad. Neither Clinton nor Bush had foreign policy experience and McCain's experiences will go down as the worst military blunders in American history.

Your reaction to Obama's exposure is to compare him with entertainers and sports figures (the only two careers that white racists will accept black success). I think that says more about you than it does about the candidate. What specifically are you uncomfortable with? Is it his positions or his demographics?
Jeff Prillaman said…
I see your point that it could be construed as demeaning, and that is certainly not my intent. My comments are more about the media than they are about Obama. There is certainly a frenzy going on and the media exposure is akin to that of entertainers and sports figures.

I am not a racist and I certainly take offense at your insinuation. Continued personal attacks on me, will not be published.

Now on to a dialogue about thoughts and your questions.
I am uncomfortable that he seems to tell me and the world exactly what they want to hear. In my personal experience, people, including US senators, who do this are not always authentic. McCain for all his potential faults, at least learns from his mistakes and seeks to improve. I believe that he will continue to get better and better, and that he is the best choice for now.

I further recognize and acknowledge that I voted for Clinton and that proved to be a mistake. I idolized Bush to a certain extent, and that was a mistake. I wish there was a measuring stick for politicians that was reliable.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that the media is it!
Chris said…

Foodie has one of the worst ways of disagreeing with folks in his commentary. He comes on strong without ever feeling he needs to be civil.

It's pretty clear in your post that you're wary of the press' fawning over Obama. Take Andrea Mitchell's calling out of Obama on pushing out "fake interviews".

Keep up the good commentary and don't let someone who's quick with an insult deter you.
Charles Hulin said…
Hi Jeff,

I'm not intending this in a partisan way. Actually, I'm curious and wanting to know more of what others are seeing and hearing and if I'm missing something.

I keep hearing these statements about Obama being charismatic but not providing substance. I've also recently heard a commentator say that the Obama campaign has provided more policy information on their website than any campaign in history. (How many presidential campaigns have had websites?)

At any rate, I just perused the McCain and Obama websites for myself, and it seems like the Obama campaign is providing at least as much detail, and perhaps more than the McCain campaign - unless I'm missing something on the websites.

So again, I'm commenting because I want more detail on what you and others are seeing. And by the way, your blog discussion has encouraged me to seek more open non-partisan dialog about all this - just seeking to understand where everybody's coming from. It seems like a very good thing to do.
Jeff Prillaman said…
My post was more about Obama's charisma, how it is being received and propagated by the media.

I read the websites too, and I agree that there is good information on both but I wonder how much is spin in both camps. In McCain's case, we do at least have a long history and record to review for results and consistency.

I have seen a couple of interesting articles lately impugning Obama's experience, but I can't ground or really accept them unless I know more. I haven't posted on this because I didn't know how to do this in a non-attacking way.

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