Transparent to a point

I make a big deal in my leadership philosophy when it comes to transparency. I manage through people first, and then apply process for risk and compensating controls.  I trust and then attempt to "verify" intentions and my instincts through other ways.   Trust is a fickle thing.. I most often "trust" my instinct on whether to trust another person.  Sometimes, I have real life examples, but not usually.   

This raised the question of how transparent I am with friends, family and colleagues that I don't completely trust. It doesn't mean that I don't like them.. Lack of trust, simply means I won't let them watch my kids, or borrow my truck.  Would I ask them to trust me?  Why should they... I don't think I am as transparent as I would like to be on this one.  I wonder if my talk of risk management and tests ever becomes about manipulating others on a subconscious level. I don't intentionally manipulate emotions.. or do I? I am transparent right up to the point where I am not transparent. I don't cross the line, but then again, I define the line. Ouch... this make my head hurt. Confident humility.. Is there such a thing? If so, am I living out that example... Only mentor I can think of would be Christ on this one. 

My personality is strong, my voice is loud, and I am passionate about what I believe. This is a recipe for great reward, and great risk.. if used improperly.  I am thankful that at least I am indeed fully transparent with my mentor, whether I want to be or not.


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