Blame the boss?

The Scott McClellan book/drama has me all worked up. What a conundrum.. He says "he became what he wanted to change.." It makes me worry about myself.

I too was enamored with George Bush when he took office.. I am a pretty diehard Republican. I was very concerned about the Iraq war as I am today... I would have voted for it, if I had been in Congress. I have a hard time understanding how the "bubble" could be so stifling to moral and ethical standards for which he feels so strongly. I haven't read the book and I don't plan to.

How can a member/employee of the administration so blatantly indict activities in which he played a central role? Leadership, particularly government leadership in the executive branch is or should be a solemn responsibility to the people. Blaming the boss when he was an executive.. doesn't cut it for me.

If we all had such concerns, how in the world did we get pulled into the "Abilene Paradox" . Each of us is to blame. Interestingly, I agree that George W and the sitting members of Congress must take the "blame" for now. If I make a bad call in my job, or family, ultimately I am held personally accountable. That is what is lacking in all of this "spin". Noone seems to be accountable for anything any more.

I trusted you Mr President. I still respect you and the office, and even the representatives who allowed such a fiasco to occur.. I wonder if I would make the same mistake in the same situation. Good thing I'm not running for president and don't have to find out. Wow, what a tough job.

The whole world is a critic, and there is so much downside.. to standing up and leading..


Jeff Prillaman said…
It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem.
- Malcolm Forbes
attention payer said…
"Each of us is to blame."

The millions who marched in unprecedented pre-war protests BEFORE the nauseating "Shock n' Awe" bombing raids are clearly NOT to blame. In fact, they deserve an apology for being called "traitors" and "hippies" for standing up for what they rightly believed in.

This war had a main motivation: to take money we don't have and put it in the hands of those who have since made billions and continue to make billions on destruction and reconstruction. And that was just the short term goal. Long term, there's the power that comes with oil, and a good location from which to wage more wars, and make more money. And as a helpful side-effect, war funded with "discretionary" debt spending helps to falsely and temporarily prop up our economy.

9-11 found the opportunity to slip by the CIA, FBI, and the State Department because the Bush administration was too busy using them for planning an attack on Iraq to care about the serious warnings they were receiving. Then, after failing to prevent the attack, they had the audacity to use the fear and unity that resulted from 9-11 to get the war they wanted, not the war we needed. That was how they honored America, and the victims of 9-11. And that's how division between the American people became worse than ever, even though we all actually wanted the same thing.

Notice how nobody blames anyone for "blindly" hating Bush anymore. The reasons for those strong emotions are finally sinking into everybody's thick skulls.

McClellan is nobody. Better men, like McCain and Powell just to name two, have sacrificed their integrity and destroyed their reputations through their falsely placed loyalty and overwhelming ambitions.

The fact is, aside from a Houston baseball team, everything Bush ever touched turned to FAIL. The Republican party is no exception.
Jeff Prillaman said…
I can see your point, but I think we have to accept that we are all to blame for actions taken by our country's leaders.. at some level. To point the finger at a few and say they did it, feels like third grade he said, she said group dynamics. To manufacture elaborate motivational stories after the fact insinuating an evil conspiracy is also likely incorrect. I am not sure that the protests were unprecedented.. They have received unprecedented media coverage for sure. I don't think the war was about money ultimately, but I agree that it has certainly had a devastating effect on our economy. Hindsight would say (for now) that it was a bad thing.. but it remains to be seen if it will work out. Perhaps the results will take longer to reveal themselves. My issue is with the human cost.. ethically and morally, not with the dollars.

I didn't march in a protest, and I wasn't persuaded that it was okay for us to go war either. I certainly didn't attack others for standing up for their beliefs and I condemned any who did... I would fight for your right to have your positions and speak them.

It is my obligation to listen and ultimately decide for myself how to vote. That is the base of democracy. It is also my obligation to unify and support once a direction has been set. At some point, leaders have to make decisions and stand up and lead. That is what I believe happened and is happening now. I . I guess my paradox metaphor doesn't really hold because not everyone was silent.. you are right about that.

I was writing here to try and understand the role that I "and other" republicans played in getting us where we are.. It is not a simple problem. There is no simple solution and there never was. AND, we are not the leaders making the calls. It is easy to indict and judge.. much harder to find common ground and collaborate for the good of others. Someone always loses. Democracy is like that.. It is adversarial and messy... but it is the best system we have.. We can't just blame the boss all the time.
attention payer said…
"I am not sure that the protests were unprecedented."

Never before in American history did millions of citizens march in the streets against a war before that war even started.

"My issue is with the human cost.. ethically and morally, not with the dollars."

Mine too. That's as it should be. But the people who lied to get us into this war did it to direct billions into the hands of certain companies.

Every other bill they passed during the period where Republicans held the majority in congress was also written to deliver as much money as possible to a select few companies.

We may care about the human cost, but they do not. It's not about evil conspiracy. It's about corruption, and about business.

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