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Blame the boss?

The Scott McClellan book/drama has me all worked up. What a conundrum.. He says "he became what he wanted to change.." It makes me worry about myself.

I too was enamored with George Bush when he took office.. I am a pretty diehard Republican. I was very concerned about the Iraq war as I am today... I would have voted for it, if I had been in Congress. I have a hard time understanding how the "bubble" could be so stifling to moral and ethical standards for which he feels so strongly. I haven't read the book and I don't plan to.

How can a member/employee of the administration so blatantly indict activities in which he played a central role? Leadership, particularly government leadership in the executive branch is or should be a solemn responsibility to the people. Blaming the boss when he was an executive.. doesn't cut it for me.

If we all had such concerns, how in the world did we get pulled into the "Abilene Paradox" . Each of us is to bl…

Transparent to a point

I make a big deal in my leadership philosophy when it comes to transparency. I manage through people first, and then apply process for risk and compensating controls.  I trust and then attempt to "verify" intentions and my instincts through other ways.   Trust is a fickle thing.. I most often "trust" my instinct on whether to trust another person.  Sometimes, I have real life examples, but not usually.   
This raised the question of how transparent I am with friends, family and colleagues that I don't completely trust. It doesn't mean that I don't like them.. Lack of trust, simply means I won't let them watch my kids, or borrow my truck.  Would I ask them to trust me?  Why should they... I don't think I am as transparent as I would like to be on this one.  I wonder if my talk of risk management and tests ever becomes about manipulating others on a subconscious level. I don't intentionally manipulate emotions.. or do I? I am transparent right …


I don't handle failure very well. Big shocker that is.. particularly when it was my failure. Related to my illusion of control, I take too much credit for successes, and probably assign too much blame for failure. To assign and judge, I have to set out the conditions of success, the goals, the objectives. That further solidifies the illusion that I can control complex situations.

With relationships, I don't think that is true. Each person has their own spark, their own worth, their own ideas and thoughts.

Creation Song

I wish I could get more people to value the music and intention that I value.

Things must change...NOW

This is a powerful message that we should all think about.

Diversity is about more than color/race. I think it has to do with fear, power and change. I agree that the time to "do something" to change our world is now. We all need to find our place and engage.

Benevolent Dictator

This post on Signals vs Noise is a great note on conflict, democracy, etc..

I am in the benevolent dictator camp.. as long as the dictator does what I think is right ;-)

My favorite quote here:
"When it comes to designing something, a benevolent dictator is sometimes a welcome alternative to the chaos of democracy."

It is both humorous and slightly pathetic that we can't figure out a way to get together more easily. Downfall of a successful society. People that have to worry about food, shelter and security, don't seem to have this problem.