Problem with a great performance

Clarke Bustard wrote a nice review of the Richmond Symphony's performance of Stravinksy and Bartok.. I heard a wonderful performance/theater review presented by Chris Hester on Thursday night. There were probably hundreds of wonderful performance around the country in just the last week. Actually, there is no probably about it. I am sure there were.

Musicians and artists are driven to achieve something special in their performance, or in their artwork. In the case of musicians, this presents a problem because the only thing left is to do it again. The impermancence of a great performance is a both a burden and an opportunity. We have something left to do. We can't recreate it, but we can explore our art, ourselves and the music and seek something new next time.

Let's just hope that there is always a next time.

One last thought here. Church musicians are struck by this reality regularly. A colleague of mine used to call Sundays the "relentless return of the Sabbath". It provides a sense of humility and will overwhelm anyone not ready for the long haul of vocational music ministry. No matter what we do today, we will always have to do something else next week. Again, this is both an obstacle and an opportunity. It is all about our perspective and approach.

The mission is the journey, the exploration.. never the event!


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