How do you know an authentic artist. A good friend recently commented about my singing that it was authentic and honest.  I took it as a profound compliment, and it is what I most hope to pass on to my students. 

The goal to pursue excellence in art as a measure against some objective, standard of excellence, like a dog show champion.. is just not right.   Artists and singers are uniquely special in their art. 

As a singer, I strive to sing well, but I strive most to be honest about my singing. I want to touch peoples' hearts, and share my soul.  It is never about hitting the notes, and being the best, or at least it shouldn't be.  

Bohemians represent an antiestablishmentism paradigm which goes to the extreme but there is something in that pursuit of art that makes a difference in the world. It is a shame, that to make a difference as an artist, almost certainly damns the artist to a lifetime of obscurity, poverty and lack of appreciation.  



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