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King of the Jews, Risen?

After a second earthquake this morning, a scandal has broken out across the region. Jesus of Nazareth, the proposed "King of the Jews", crucified and buried, is no longer in his final resting place. Followers of Jesus, state that an angel, dressed as lightning came down from above and rolled the stone away, stunning the soldiers while at the same time saying "Be not afraid".

"He is Risen", is the prevailing word on the street as authorities scramble to account for the missing body and the troubling inability of the government to secure the tomb.

Witnesses further report that Jesus himself appeared and spoke to them as they worshipped at his feet. His words were:
"Don't be frightened like that. Go tell my brothers that they are to go to Galilee, and that I'll meet them there."

Religious leaders are unavailable for comment at this time. Reports from the military about sleeping troops and a supposed body snatching conspiracy are surfacing.


Butterfly : Live from Lincoln Center

In my mind, I maintain an idealistic idea that I and my family gather regularly around the television or our stereo and we listen to great artists and art embracing the truly unbelievable technology available today. We do this whenever possible.. every night, or at least weekly as we learn and explore the world around us on our terms.

The reality is of course far from this. Even with my passion for classical singing, I rarely watch recorded opera on video/tv... my justification: "it isn't good enough, it isn't the same" strangely, I justify my laziness with platitudes of guilt targeted at the producer, the sound engineer, the cameraman, and even my TV. Instead, we get a steady course of Law and Order, Disney, movies, and sitcoms.. like everyone else. That is our choice conscious or not.. uggh.

Live from Lincoln Center on Thurs night changed that situation for me through the eyes and will of Emma and Joshua. We arrived home after our Maundy Thursday service and my th…

Schola Cantorum, James Jordan conducting

The Schola Cantorum from Westminster Choir College presented a wonderful choral exploration of light and sound at Bon Air Presbyterian last night. Under the direction of Dr. James Jordan, this choir of sophomores, 110 strong, overwhelmed a room of choral music lovers' senses with energy and sound. As a Westminster grad, I was proud, inspired, and humbled to see and think of the impact that these musicians will have on their world in years to come.

Craig and Dan stayed with us in our home, and it was even more exciting to get to know two young WCCers.. I stick by my quote.. even at their young age, they do not know how much they know. The WCC experience is different from other conservatories in its community model. These gentlemen shared with Tracee and I about "critical pedagogy" as it is being taught by Frank Abrahams at WCC. Our Da Capo Way is built around this important cutting edge pedagogical theory, even though we didn't know it existed until last night. How exc…


How do you know an authentic artist. A good friend recently commented about my singing that it was authentic and honest.  I took it as a profound compliment, and it is what I most hope to pass on to my students. 
The goal to pursue excellence in art as a measure against some objective, standard of excellence, like a dog show champion.. is just not right.   Artists and singers are uniquely special in their art. 
As a singer, I strive to sing well, but I strive most to be honest about my singing. I want to touch peoples' hearts, and share my soul.  It is never about hitting the notes, and being the best, or at least it shouldn't be.  
Bohemians represent an antiestablishmentism paradigm which goes to the extreme but there is something in that pursuit of art that makes a difference in the world. It is a shame, that to make a difference as an artist, almost certainly damns the artist to a lifetime of obscurity, poverty and lack of appreciation.