Recycling Obama

I have watched with amusement as Hilary "attacked" Obama for using words spoken by other leaders in speeches. As a pretty, diehard Republican I don't usually care much how the Democrats treat one another, but I must admit that I have been impressed with Obama's presentation and speaking abilities. This respect comes not because I believe that he wrote every word, or that he is a "brilliant genius" but because I believe that he is authentic in his desire to bring about the changes of which he speaks so eloquently.

There is nothing wrong with using the words of others... When I read the words of the millions who have come before me, I am honored and awed at their insight and ability. He has freely admitted that they are not his own, and that he is still proud to use them.

If any of us think that becoming president is about knowing everything and writing your own speeches, we are naive and sorely mistaken. Leadership is about accountability for the work of others.. about using a team to generate change.. about inspiring, promising and delivering.

Whatever happens this Fall, it will be a challenge for either Republican or Democrat to deliver results in our climate.


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