Change: the wave, who?

Change is a many sided problem.. that I don't believe can be brought on by a new leadership alone.. There is a wave of energy promoting candidates right now.. It will be interesting to see what happens when that wave breaks on the sea wall that is the US gov't "machine"..

Change must be brought about by the people and for the people and I agree that leaders are a critical part.. but the question will be..

What are you personally willing to give up?
... for a safe, secure environment free from bombs, shootings, destruction...
... for everyone to have access to a doctor and life saving medication... teach and eliminate the horrors surrounding the murder of innocent children... provide a safe future for your child.. economically... keep faith and freedom alive jointly, not institute religion

Change starts with personal accountability, responsibility, and actions inspired by great leaders. It incurs wrath. It is messy. There is loss and gain.

Know what you are asking for.. and do your part to support change for the better. That is what everyone wants... on all sides.

Step it up people.. don't expect McCain or Obama, or Hilary to do it for you.. Don't wait. Do your part now.. Find something to do, and do it... The sum of the little actions, millions of them.. will make the difference. Start by changing the way you interact with your neighbor, your boss, or your nemesis..

Random Acts of Kindness... without regard for credit... Selfless... now that is change.


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