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Dialogue of Wind: Jeremy McEntire, flute

The University of Richmond music department presented Jeremy McEntire, flute in collaboration with Dr. Charles Hulin IV, piano at Camp Concert Hall this afternoon. I attended with my 9 year old daughter and 7 year old son and the event was a fine ending to a superlative weekend of music here in the Richmond region.

I have spent a good deal of time in the past months pondering the role of collaboration versus competion in music, and today's event was refreshingly warm and elite, but never elitist. The room is among the best recital halls I have ever been privileged to experience, and the artists are in the same league.

The program spanned a wide range beginning with Bach, flowing easily into the Debussy "Prelude to the afternoon of a faun" and concluding the first half with a wonderful Theme and Variations by NC composer James Guthrie. The second half presented a windstorm of acoustical energy focused through the flute masterfully in the music of Robert Dick coupled with t…

Recycling Obama

I have watched with amusement as Hilary "attacked" Obama for using words spoken by other leaders in speeches. As a pretty, diehard Republican I don't usually care much how the Democrats treat one another, but I must admit that I have been impressed with Obama's presentation and speaking abilities. This respect comes not because I believe that he wrote every word, or that he is a "brilliant genius" but because I believe that he is authentic in his desire to bring about the changes of which he speaks so eloquently.

There is nothing wrong with using the words of others... When I read the words of the millions who have come before me, I am honored and awed at their insight and ability. He has freely admitted that they are not his own, and that he is still proud to use them.

If any of us think that becoming president is about knowing everything and writing your own speeches, we are naive and sorely mistaken. Leadership is about accountability for the work o…

Invencia Piano Duo, Palms Away...

The Invencia Piano Duo was featured in concert at Huguenot Road Baptist Church this evening in a 4 hands piano concert which ranged from Schubert and Brahms to Ravel, Gottschalk and a "ragtime" palms away encore. I am not a piano scholar and the program was not printed, so please forgive any errors in the details of the composition names.

This concert was presented in an interesting manner which is far from typical in my experience of concert piano recitals. The concert Baldwin at HRBC is boxed off of the choir loft, as is typical in so many churches. This elevated box obscures both sound and visual lines. To compensate, HRBC used a video camera to provide a closeup view of the keyboard, which was then fed to a projector screen at center stage. This visual element/TV experience viewing of a live concert recital was strangely irritating and intriguing at the same time. It seemed to drag my focus away from the artists themselves and onto the MTV view of their "float…

Believe it...

Tracee and I are psyched to perform in the Cinderella next Friday night. It is hard to express how proud we are to be a part of this "Da Capo" thing. Prior to Da Capo, there was no real channel for us to plug into to feel like we, as musicians, were actively contributing to our community. We spent a lot of time in church, but now we can bridge the gap both as teachers and performers...leveraging our relationship skills with parents and students of all ages and abilities.

This thing is going to work.. Believe IT!

Now, if the people of Richmond will just give us a chance and come out to hear what a difference a Way makes... More students will come, when the time is right...

Change: the wave, who?

Change is a many sided problem.. that I don't believe can be brought on by a new leadership alone.. There is a wave of energy promoting candidates right now.. It will be interesting to see what happens when that wave breaks on the sea wall that is the US gov't "machine"..

Change must be brought about by the people and for the people and I agree that leaders are a critical part.. but the question will be..

What are you personally willing to give up?
... for a safe, secure environment free from bombs, shootings, destruction...
... for everyone to have access to a doctor and life saving medication... teach and eliminate the horrors surrounding the murder of innocent children... provide a safe future for your child.. economically... keep faith and freedom alive jointly, not institute religion

Change starts with personal accountability, responsibility, and actions inspired by great leaders. It incurs wrath. It is messy. There is loss and gain.

Know what you are…

Change: people, power, platfom, PRAYER.

"God fully expects the church of Jesus Christ to prove itself a miraculous group in the very midst of a hostile world. Christians, of necessity, must be in contact with the world but in being and spirit ought to be separated from the world. --- and as such we should be the most amazing people in the world." Tozer 1897-1963

"Competition versus Collaboration"
" So we learn that the key to success is cooperation. We have to cooperate to win anything from ball games to wars. We have to cooperate to keep the peace. We have to cooperate to elect public officials that we hope will be honest. We have to cooperate to operate a business . . . To move a church forward . . . To keep a home together . . . To build great institutions." Charles Hulin III

In order to effect change in our world... you need People, Power and a Platform.. That is the earthly model...and we are all submerged in these standards... We need to put a new lens into place and embrace Pray…