Sarasota Opera Studio

About 15 years ago, I left my apartment in Sarasota and I distinctly remember walking to the opera house, feeling the wind, smelling the ocean, weather was quite cool.. my spirits were high and I was feeling excited to begin rehearsals on Bizet's Jolie Fille de Perth.

I did not have children, I hadn't seem my wife(of only a year at the time) in more than a month... I was focused and did everything the rules said, but I left Sarasota opera that year with more questions than answers. I was unfulfilled. Funny how I remember now how much Greg Trupiano cared about the artists and our experience. He made a difference for me that season.

As I walked into Capital One this morning, I was overwhelmed with a sense of deja vu, but the conditions were nowhere near the same. The winds were there, no ocean, but a bright sky and I am expecting a good day with challenges and issues. My singing performances these days are quite good, but certainly not every day. My rehearsals are even more interspersed and my sense of community with my fellow musicians is strained at best. I enjoy relationships with friends at work, my colleagues, but I share little in common with them musically.(at least as far as I know). My stage is at work.. at church... and sometimes "on stage" in the traditional manner.

Funny, that doesn't seem to matter.. in the long run. My work with the Da Capo Institute is all encompassing. I believe that there are more musicians like me out in the world. They go to work every day to take care of their families and lives.. and have little opportunity to engage with the "musical world" because they no longer play by the rules.

Perhaps, we can simply write a new "sheet of music" that will allow us all to come together.


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