My approach to the world.. is really this simple..Get good people…Tell them what you want the end state to be… Support them.. They will succeed in the end… Most important thing is to focus on the people…

My essence, my soul, is unique. I am special.. but I am not better than others. I am here to love and be loved. I thank God for that tremendous gift. My desire and ambition sends me down the road to excluding others, and showing that I am better than other.. by the world’s standards of course… What a waste of energy. This hierarchy that we create for ourselves is at the root of our inability to embrace one another.

Christ redeems me, and allows me to be. My music, my skill is all a gift that I am bound to use to help towards the ultimate salvation of the entire world. As we rank one another against his model, we all fall short.. but that doesn't absolve us of our obligation to use our talents.. Sometimes we succeed.. often we fail.. all the time we are blessed.

Success and failure are only relevant in our limited perspective.. in our time, in our place. Striving to better ourselves is really quite different from striving to be better than those around us...

What is your rank?


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