AFC Championship Symphony

Did anyone else see the very, very cool orchestral lead in to the AFC championship yesterday. It was an excellent blending of classical music and football and it was done blending a wonderful collage of videos, photos and pure energy to set up the game..

Kudos to CBS for a spectacular piece of musical and video artistry which generates a desire for excellence, showing how classical music can even make a difference in the NFL... I loved it.. I rewound and watched it twice.. wish I could find it online so I could keep it..


I thought it was outstanding and most people missed it. Unfortunate.
Even the people I was watching the game with looked at me as if I were crazy. I am so sorry so many people missed it. Perhaps it is important to me because I am a music educator and a long time
football fan. I am from Michigan. I saw my first Michigan State football game at the age of two I now live in San Diego and have been a long time Charger Season Ticket holder.
For me it was the magic of music and the wonder of the game. Strike up the band for CBS.
ktsdad said…
I agree - it was a great intro. The music is available on iTunes - it's called "Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumus. This group also composed the NFL on CBS theme, and the theme for the CBS series "Cold Case".
guitarbuildernh said…
I wish I could get this somewhere online as well, a very stiking visual piece with great music.

No one I know taped it or DVR'd it, otherwise I'd copy it and cut it to a DVD myself

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