Presence, Presents...

I just got home from our Christmas Eve service at Huguenot Road Baptist Church. It has been a grueling few days, as we focused on meals, family in town and the endless search and presentation of presents. In the end, the greatest gift of all was the presence of my family around me as I sang to God in worship. I didn't sing well, at least by my standards, but my girls surrounded me and their voices were angelic. What a blessing, the presence of my friends and worshippers were to me this evening. 
As I extinguished the candle at the service's conclusion, I was reminded of Christs' presence within me, now and forever. To think, such a story... humble parents, shepherds, angels, animals, wise men... all focused on the presence of a newborn baby.  He was a present to the world, and his presence changed everything for everyone, for all time. 
It really is that simple. 
Christ is born, Christ died, Christ is risen! Alleluia


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