Best Pizza ever?

The pizza at Candela's pizzeria in Midlothian tonight may have been the best I have ever had. After a challenging week with everything from family strife (mother in law moving to town) to challenges at work, to dealing with a cold and a mysteriously sore shoulder... We spent the evening with friends both last night and tonight.

Good times with good people is the key to happiness!

Great idea to get into the spirit of Christmas...(as if the world needed one more)
1. pizza at Candela's - complete with the NY attitude waitress...
2. go watch the snow fall around the tree at Stony Point Fashion park at 7pm(with a lot of other kids, dogs, and families alike...)--this was really cool and beautiful
3. check out the "tacky lights" house off of Quioccasin.. very beautiful lights display
4. cap it all off with the living drive thru nativity at Huguenot Road Baptist Church. Complete with guides to the scenes and an extremely cute baby goat by the manger.. this living nativity is not to be missed...

Despite a tough week, I guess I am ready for the Christmas rush to hit full speed.


Tripp said…
Best pizza ever? That's a pretty bold statement. I'll admit though, it's a great pizza. :)

I used to eat there regularly when I worked at Premier Pet Products years ago.

Both the pizza and the italian subs were excellent - and if I timed my visit right, I'd catch the Italian football team playing a match on the TV there.

I don't make it over there now that I'm working downtown. Glad to hear the place hasn't changed much.
Charles Hulin said…
It all sounds great.

Kathy and I were missing our concerts last year with you and Tracee this morning at breakfast.

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