It is strange how different the world can be from one day to the next. I wonder if it is a blessing or a curse that I begin each day feeling almost "entitled" to a success. on my terms..in my time..my way. The blessings that I have are so often taken for granted. I don't think I am a selfish or self-centered person. I work hard and I play hard. I use my talents and abilities to help those around me whenever I can. I care about people and I want to help, to fix things and "make it better". I feel that I am entitled to that opportunity. As a part of my maturing process in the last few years, I have come to understand, that I am not entitled to help someone else. Often I have to earn the right to even be a part of their life, and I expect the same of others.

Relationships that are ordained seems to be shallow and unfulfilling. The important ones are the ones where we earn each other's trust. The question of how and why we choose to do that is a whole other subject.


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