Today is an appropriate time for reflections.

I remember hearing about the event at breakfast in the restaurant of the Hotel at Va Beach.
I remember making it back to the room just in time to see the second plane hit.
I remember resolving to use music to get through it.
I remember being concerned about my distance from my church family during the crisis.
I remember being glad that I was with my family.
I remember feeling angry and wanting to lash out at those who had attacked us.
I remember a profound sense of pride and unity as an American.

Things have changed these days, but not my feelings. I remain proud of my country, my family and my decisions. I can only hope that we all embrace the leadership mantle thrust upon us by our position in the world. We must accept it with humility.

Reading Signals vs Noise blog today and I gleaned this wonderful wisdom...

The way you treat people is the legacy you leave
"There are different ways to lead. Some people get results by yelling and bullying. But it’s even more impressive when someone can motivate people by teaching and caring. When you do that, you’re a successful leader and a successful human being."

How we go through each day is a testimony to those around us. Just as those people in the towers, or the firefighters, or the soldiers in today's Iraq.. We can't take time back.

Choose to love those around you. All the time. No excuses. It us up to each of us to actually care about people and not just ourselves.


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