Everything worth doing has a cost.
Everything has a cost.
The trick is to do the stuff worth doing without incurring more cost than you can manage.
How do you decide what is worth doing versus what is "fluff"?

In the business world, decisions are actually pretty easy if you manage well. Cost vs benefit is a pretty clear answer when it comes to investing.

In the "family" world, particularly the arts world, it is not so easy to make calls. We are starting something new, there is an adoption curve, and a window where it takes time to get established. How long is it? Our goal is to increase volume of work and value to the "world", not to increase profit.

When you can't cut costs any more, it is time to increase revenue or cash inflow. time to raise money any way we can. Even that plan has a price. Give up control, spread the load.. but NEVER compromise the education & experiences we provide.


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