Just do it ?

Nike has branded this phrase and as I have gone through this week, it has struck home. I have made many choices in the past 12-18 months and the overwhelming instinct in most cases was to wait and think, analyze, gather feedback, etc..

All of that is valuable, but the real plan must be to spend time in prayer, seeking guidance from God. We are not to trust in our own abilities. We are in fact told to rely on him for all things. The question always arises: What does that mean for me now?

My answer: If you have put the preparation time in in prayer and you are operating out of faith, then you must "JUST DO IT".

Preparation is key, but action is required.

Liszt was famous for quote which in essence said. We are obligated to share our gifts with the world. Not asked.. we are OBLIGATED, ASSIGNED, EXPECTED...

That means giving, not getting. Intentionality is where it starts and finishes. The results are not the goal. Judgement and worth is not up to us. God just says "Trust and Obey, for there is no other way"


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