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My pianist and I have thought a lot lately about what is "good enough" when it comes to our performance. I have come to the conclusion that just like so many other things in life, that is likely the wrong question. As we have finished our preparations for a series of concerts over the next 2 weeks I have been reminded that the goal of perfection is not really such a healthy goal. It is more important to simply engage and immerse one's self in the experience and the events which surround us. For Charles and I that means to just BE who we are, embrace the music, and engage with our audience whoever they are. It is important for us to collaborate!

Few thoughts on our program...
Our program focuses on human vanity and our focus on the famous "unrequited love" of the romantic period. The composers and poets were dealing with much of the same emotion and energy that I mention now. They were seeking something greater than themselves. They sought fulfillment and happi…


I have been flailing about today trying to find a "productivity groove".. Since it is already 1:00, I guess that is not likely to get much traction..

On the other hand, while doing some web browsing over lunch, I read this post and it is EXCELLENT. I encourage you to read it and think about what actions you might take to make a difference.

Biblical Illiteracy



Last night I felt an urging to reach out and talk with old friends. A quick review of my address book revealed that I am woefully out of touch with many, many friends of only 5-6 years ago. These people were a huge part of my "foundation" which I rely so heavily on these days. Soooo, instead of turning on the TV, or reading, or even writing for my blog ;-), I made a phone call and connected. We were once again together even if only for the short hour or so.

We have so many tools in our world today, and we use them so poorly for what really matters.

How refreshing it was to reconnect, even if only for a fleeting few moments.

Should have been Clara

This little girl and her family did a great work in this recording. I know I'm a bit video crazy today, but this was great.

Darkness into light? Who Am I?

wow, this was VERY cool.


We went to the farewell celebration for Susan tonight at HRBC. She has resigned, and is looking for a new future. The event was wonderfully orchestrated, well attended and successful in every aspect. The closing number was Phillip signing "Thank you, for giving to the Lord" to the recording. Elegant, touching, authentic, beautiful in every sense. She has a wonderful spirit and the church appears to have treated her appropriately. (at least on the surface)... I know there must be more, but I don't want to know of it.

As I listened, my heart was sickened upon thinking of my own departure from Branch's Baptist Church in Richmond and how poorly that was handled. I do miss those people. I love them and to this day, I feel like I left a huge piece of me at that place.

Back to reality... Tracee thinks I may be depressed, but I am not. She thinks I get mean when I am stressed like this. Now, there may be some truth to that. The upcoming competition has me stressed and excite…

Opportunity Lost

Results aren't really enough. One of my best friends, tells me that all the time. "In our world," he says "it is all about who thinks, not what they think"

The corporate line is you must always prove a little more, wait a little longer, earn someone's favor and approval. Transparency and honesty are not enough to guarantee success.

At least I still have a job. That is more than most of my friends of all these years. My company missed an opportunity to gain my trust today. My manager lost ground and gave up respect. In the end, my mgt did not get the job done.

I am trying to find the silver lining, the opportunity that God provides for me when my own hopes fall short. As I have grown, this takes more patience and study. I trust in the Lord.

Sing God a simple song. Lauda, laude Make it up, as you go along. Lauda laude. Sing like you like to sing. God loves all simple things. For God is the simplest of all.
Blessed is the man who loves the Lord. Blessed is th…


I have been in this official "Director Stretch Role" since January and I am ready to see some of the recognition and $ associated with the workload and responsibility.  I know the promotion committee met today, I know the board has to approve senior level promotions, and yet I am still anxious.  I don't know how I can do any better than I am doing.  I am not sure what exactly will happen if I don't get the promotion I feel I deserved.  I guess I'll end up lumping it and doing the right thing by supporting my family. 
I wonder if that is what everyone says everytime?


Today is a good day to send some kudos to colleagues so I did it. Things have gone really well in the past few weeks. Teams are aligned and working together to deliver. No one has had any major meltdowns on delivery milestones and it is Summertime so people are generally in a good mood. I do find that when opportunities arise, it is important to act quickly and share the good news. When I do that, it seems to build on itself... as long as it is authentic. The kudo must be earned and then recognized.

It is so easy to focus in on words and ideas and often they turn to the negative. Perception can so easily become reality. My rule: look for the actions and the results because people NEVER do things without a reason.

I have learned over the weekend that my reasons are pretty simple. The traits which most succinctly define me are:
1. dedicated to learning and innovation for my self(personality, skills, etc.) I am and must remain a learning machine.
2. I operate through communities of …

Invitation to community

I used the Luke 14 scripture in Sunday school last week when I was teaching. The focus there was to make a point that the peoples' possessions and choices can easily become a burden and keep you away from something or someone which you desire.

I went through this week with a different perspective because our friends Tara and Andy are here from Florida. Tracee and I will host the 3rd annual Big Daddy Bash this weekend. This is a party intended at merging all of our worlds. Our goal is to provide a chance for us to catch up with good friends, and meet families and friends of the kids' friends and even our neighbors. It is striking how few people respond to this sort of invitation. It is as though our worlds are almost too busy for those around us to trust.

I know it isn't fair to judge based on conditions that I have no knowledge of.. my thinking now is only of the 300+ invitees that we won't get to see tomorrow. Our context for relationship for those wonderful souls …

A Day

Began the day with a "big" breakfast with visiting friends. Then I sang in the truck all the way to work. Ended up singing "for myself" Simple Song and it was a great feeling. What a great way to start the day. When I got out of the truck to walk into the building, my spirit was high.

Interesting how quickly that feeling can be damaged if I had let it. Day has been insane, but I simply refuse to be dragged down.

I am in control of my perspective. Not the world.