Return to reality

The experience at the Lasker Summer Music Festival was very special for Tracee and I both this weekend. Making music, being among some "adopted" family in Lasker and getting some solid quality time with Pastor Ricky.

My return to reality today was a shock to my system. The meetings, the quarrels, the stress, and the myriad of "balls in the air" made me long for the simplicity of preparing a concert for performance, and going for ice cream at Agnes' house.

I guess all retreats are like this. My parallel worlds seem to raise the intensity to a higher level and the shock exacts its toll on my faster than I would expect.

I pray Lord specifically for strength to persevere. I don't pretend that my choices make my life any easier than those around me. I choose to do so much and carry so much load. I choose the paths set before me.

Someday, I hope to return to simplicity of making music, but until I can find a financial model that will allow me to contribute without compromising my families' needs, I guess I am stuck or blessed. The choice here depends on my perspective of the moment.


Having Jeff and Tracee in my home for a couple of days was a real treat. The community as a whole was uplifted as they shared their truly magnificent talent. We were all blessed by their ministry here in Northampton County.

I should point out that part of the magic is the working relationship between Jeff and Charles. It is more than your run of the mill vocalist and accompanist That partnership is a good example of synergy.

Tracee wowed people first of all with her personality and powerful presence, and then with a voice that can only be described as angelic. I hope that doesn't sound too over the top. People were just stunned at the degree of her talent, voice controll, and presence.

We are encouraged at having Charles and Kathy as a part of our Community on a permanent basis. In our morning worship Kathy played the horn beautifully (which my Dad loved by the way) and Charles played the piano. I hope that everyone visiting this site will consider a visit to the Lasker summer Music festival. Or if you just want to come for some time at my house email me at


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