Musician's curse?

Is it a curse or a blessing that we as musicians don't get to create a lasting thing?

Our art is an ethereal thing expression captured in the moment of performance. When done well, it is a perfect blend of the composer's intention, the artist's humanity and skill, the audience's attention and the place and time. None is more important than the other, but all are required. CDs, Videos, and the like can never capture the energy and spirituality of a musical performance. They are no better than a photograph of a great mountain range or building. The event is multidimensional and multisensory and exists at a moment in time. For most, it cannot be captured or duplicated because ultimately the experience and participation of the audience cannot occur asynchronously. It is possible to create music which reaches the audience through a recording, but it is a very special talent. I think of The Three Tenors, and Fantasia. Both are musical events which seemed to transcend their performances and found a way to utlize recorded media effectively.

As the performing artist, I am charged to find places to make music with as many people as possible, but not for too many.. ;) I can sing the same Lord's Prayer thousands of times and it will never be the same for me or for the audience. Finding the spark in the music is the key, I think. The divine inspiration.. Could that be the prize?


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