I spent a wonderful afternoon on Monday talking about change with our friends. Our world is constantly moving. Maybe too fast.. maybe not fast enough. By placing value on people and relationships, I utilize my faith to carry me through the change. There is always someone happy, sad, grieving, joyful, ecstatic, depressed... You know the list.

What exactly is the "prize" at the end of all of this change? I get the feeling that even in the midst of all of my educated rhetoric, and phisophizing, sometimes I lose focus on it.

Relationships are hard things to acquire, maintain and they are even harder things to lose. The emotional toll cannot be measured. The physical toll is usually hidden until much later.

I change a lot these days. It is a struggle to keep up.

Even though I am free of the demands and expectations of everyone, I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach a wide range of people: religious, nonreligious, meticulous moralists, loose-living immoralists, the defeated, the demoralized—whoever. I didn't take on their way of life. I kept my bearings in Christ—but I entered their world and tried to experience things from their point of view. I've become just about every sort of servant there is in my attempts to lead those I meet into a God-saved life. I did all this because of the Message. I didn't just want to talk about it; I wanted to be in on it!You've all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You're after one that's gold eternally. (1 Corinthian 9:19-25, The Message)


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