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musical intoxication

This weekend is about Misa Criolla with the exceptional James River Singers, led by Jeff Riehl. I began my musical journey years ago at WCC with Dr. Riehl as my conductor and professor. We have both grown as musicians and performers over the years. His knowledge, skill and presence are worthy of many "notes".
The performance last night was an intoxicating experience for me. I was immersed in an expedition seeking excellence. I attempted to find my "next level" experience by making music with a group of wonderful collaborators. It was a privilege and an honor.

As I sang the role of the "tenor" I loved the call and response interactions with the choir. The beauty of the choral tapestry and the energy of the percussion and strings driving was wonderfully immersive. I loved the stress of entrances and cutoffs and rhythms. Was I right, or not.. how did we handle it? The duple/triple section in the middle of the Credo.. The sustained beauty and line of the S…

"Gut" thinking

I just read a really interesting article.. on making decisions based on instinct. Article is here. I do this sort of thing all the time. In musical performances it is required. I think that maybe the risk taking is the part that so many people can't handle. We have created such a critical judging environment in our culture that failure or mistakes are not an option. This stifles innovation, creativity, and removes the mysticism from our daily lives.

In the article the author offers this quote..
"neuroscience shows that there may indeed be such a thing as visceral wisdom."

I don't need neuroscience to tell me that, but it is interesting to have some ability to validate our "make" in science.

For me personally, I believe that the Holy Spirit is a part of every decision and action that I take. I am not always right... but I am right more often than not...

Trusting my gut, is a part of who I am. It isn't a substitute for disciplined, well managed actions…


We just got home from our trip to Florida to see Andy and Tara and the kids... On our way back, we stopped over in Atlanta and went to the aquarium. I snapped this photo and really enjoyed the caption. "History is written by those who make the wake." It was on the bench next to two busts of these benefactors of the aquarium.


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I watched my share of March madness this year and the simplicity of the goal, to make the shot set me to thinking about what exactly I make as a musician, minister, manager, father... It isn't nearly as simple as in sports. I know, I know, there is a "shocker".

The word itself is laced with simplicity and confusion all in one. I might say that I make music, but what did I actually create? I interpreted, and added a piece of my soul to some "thing" that existed. If I am improvising, perhaps I add a larger percentage of myself, if I am performing a Schubert song, perhaps a little less me, and more the story and characters.

The inspiration didn't come from me or did it? That is the question we all ask daily.

We each try to "make it" each day, week, month, year. In this context, I am talking about success. I often say: "people don't do things without a reason" and I mean it. I…

Yardwork versus singing

I think this is one more reason that we should spend more time singing and less time doing yardwork! All those lawnmowers and tractors create greenhouse gases. Unless, I am totally wrong.. singers and other musicians are NOT in any way contributing to global warming. ;) I know it isn't really rational, but it struck me as worthy of a "note". :)