Look to the future

Below is the outline and references I used in my Sunday School lesson on Sunday 3/25

Focus on the future… God is here, today, now, tomorrow and forever

Discuss... Bad/Horrible experience from the past… holocaust, suffering, lack of control

Isaiah 43: 16-22 Where we have come from?
Bible is full of pain and suffering, people of God suffered and continue to suffer..
Exile Jeremiah 29 – 4-14

Salvation/Paradise is not about no work, it is about what you work for, what is the goal…Genesis 2:15

Joshua 24: 11-18 The choice before us…
Choices we make
Other idols
Our plans, God’s plans… discernment is key.. how do we do that? Pastor gave us the answer last week in his sermon.. quiet time, prayer… Was your week different this week from previous ones?

Jeremiah 33:3-6 Promise for the future…
Do we ask for help?
Who do you rely on?

Romans 8:36-39: more than conquerors…
Do you feel secure in Christ?
Saving Private Ryan… earn this. Correlate to sacrifice of Christ

Confidence in who you are and what you believe will translate to..ability to tell others about God and how he IS working in your life.

Luke 4:30-45 – Jesus knew who he was.. Do you know who he is and can you apply that knowledge to your life today.. make things happen, cast out demons, help those around you, lead your family, are your “results not typical” are you attempting to “earn this”…


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