Implicit Ministry

Ministry is done via personal relationships, not by organizations.

I show God's love and bear witness to my faith and beliefs in my own personal actions, not those of my church, business, government, school or association. I love my church, and my "associations" but it is naive to expect them to be the presence of Christ. They exist to help ME be the "presence of Christ".

My world seems to be caught up in "group" decisions on everything. I live as a priceless individual in the middle of that world, just like billions of other "priceless individuals". I impact my world via my "implicit" ministry. Translation: my ministry shows (or should show) in EVERYTHING that I do. I don't have to specifically target times or events for evangelism as though I am changing the channel on the television. one day I am working, the next being dad, the next neighbor, then next a Christian... instead my Christianity permeates all that I am and thus all that I do. It is not and can not be separate from who I am. It is implicit to my very core.

Father, help me to live this way. Every day, every hour, every minute!

Tearing Down Barriers- 2 Corinthians 10: 1-8 (The Message)

And now a personal but most urgent matter; I write in the gentle but firm spirit of Christ. I hear that I'm being painted as cringing and wishy-washy when I'm with you, but harsh and demanding when at a safe distance writing letters. Please don't force me to take a hard line when I'm present with you. Don't think that I'll hesitate a single minute to stand up to those who say I'm an unprincipled opportunist. Then they'll have to eat their words.
The world is unprincipled. It's dog-eat-dog out there! The world doesn't fight fair. But we don't live or fight our battles that way—never have and never will. The tools of our trade aren't for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.
You stare and stare at the obvious, but you can't see the forest for the trees. If you're looking for a clear example of someone on Christ's side, why do you so quickly cut me out? Believe me, I am quite sure of my standing with Christ. You may think I overstate the authority he gave me, but I'm not backing off. Every bit of my commitment is for the purpose of building you up, after all, not tearing you down.


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