As Tracee and I have been preparing for a recital in Lasker I have been reminded of how little discipline I have used in my musical preparation in past months.

In project management we have a term called the triple constraint. The variables are scope, schedule and resources. You can not change/affect one without affecting the other two in a material way.

As we practiced for our recital last night, and as I led the choir at HRBC this morning, it became clear to me that a balanced approach is required. The choir did a wonderful job this morning..they understood and embraced passion and applied themselves fully.. but the discipline was lacking. The congregation was not aware of the breakdown, but every member of the choir was...

Some of that was my fault, some was theirs.. regardless.. the end result was an immature but beautiful offering. Thankfully, that was enough. Our goal was not perfection, it was only to strive for greatness...

This line is difficult to walk.. Balancing intention and excellence by using the musician's triple constraint of passion, discipline and application will be the key to my personal success soon.

Balance is the key.

I have not been balanced.. I must intentionally apply myself using the triple constraints model and I can achieve balance.


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