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Skin in the game

Ministry to affluence.. is hard.

Hypothesis: Affluent americans will commit only when they are forced to... in a currency/model that they are accustomed to... customer supplier model generates choice and control..

Volunteerism and traditional ministry models do not work to the larger affluent populations People will ask "whats in it for me" and their consumer approach will force constant turnover.. Community ministries and organizations must do a better job of what they offer.. People don't just accept anymore..

Da capo can provide ministry via music.. and accountability via cost and financial committment..


From Sunday school, to star wars, to talking with family and friends... Perspective has been central to my actions, thinking and work lately.
Who is right?
Who is broken physically, spiritually, or other?
Can God really be jealous if he is God?

When I am planning a negotiation or even a simple meeting/interaction, one of my favorite tools is to swap sides and try and react to myself.. I always seem to overreact..not sure that matters but it came to mind..

I realize how often I seek to manipulate engagements. Yes, I said manipulate, not manage or facilitate, or any other politically correct term. Funny joke lately has been that it is a good thing I am not evil. If I were, I could do serious damage. I may do damage even now, but I don't mean too.. Somehow that at least makes me feel better even if it doesn't make you feel better. I guess it depends which side you are on..

Psalm 51- The Message
Generous in love—God, give grace! Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record. Scrub away my gu…