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Service in the choir

I am going to present a short testimony at church on Sunday about what it means to serve in choir. What does it mean to me? Why do I go to rehearsals? Why am I proud to serve?

The answers are simple and easy. I am a musician. I am a singer. I am built to need to sing. But the reasons I sing in choir are more community based. I thrive on interactions with those other musicians. When I skip rehearsals, I miss the people and I miss making music with them. I am honored to give of my time to create beauty in our worship services. I pray that my service blesses those around me whether in the choir or in the congregation. I pray that God enjoys listening to me raise my voice in song.

I think we should sing because God asks us to. Music is a mystical force that touches the world on an elemental "God" level. Passion, energy, discipline, dedication, reverence, honor... they all play their part.

I wonder if I always sing because God wants me to, or if my performances are self servi…


My TBall team of 5 year olds lost today because they didn't hustle on a few key plays. Overall the game was a bit frustrating because we played well. Our team made some throws, did a good job fielding, and showed heart. It just wasn't enough to get the "W". Hustling is something that adults understand. Kids don't get it at 5 years old. More importantly, they don't understand that you have to hustle EVERY time.. not just a few..