For us at Cap One, it is the dreaded annual review time of year. For the last 2 months, the entire world has appeared to focus on what everyone around us thinks. Our corporate culture is built on "feedback". This is a great idea on the surface. It may even be a required element to avoid the unfair treatment of incompetent management(at least legally that is). The downside, is that it doesn't work. I am talking about shades of grey for differences so the process is not worth it.

Personal success is still predicated on subjective assessments of my management. Without the support of a manager, success and grown cannot be achieved. The 360 feedback cycle is so generalized that it becomes largely unimportant. People (myself included) simply can't remember what happened all year. We are lucky if we remember the last month in the fast paced environment of today's corporate world.

The almighty "TEAM" is often talked about and largely unrewarded. Incentive packages and bonuses which attract high performers force an environment where reward comes from personal contribution...Team successes do not translate to personal success. I succeed by taking personal credit. Rewards do not flow all of the way down the chain. This is the way of things in our world.

I think my company is among the best in the world in navigating this necessary human process of ranking and reward distribution. We are not good enough. Hmmmm... That is a puzzle for another day.

I have a good job, for a good company, which allows me generous amounts of family time. I am able to use my vacation time to continue to sing. Someday, I hope to get out of debt...

Maybe reviews are okay. The results rarely match expectations but as I tell the girls all the time. Life is not fair. The sooner you understand this fact, and learn to deal with it; the better off you will be.


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