Circle of Excellence

My last 24 hours have been spent pondering the concept of excellence. I think a definition for me must include passion tempered with discipline which generates results recognized by both the performer and the audience. The olympians are a classic example but my questions arise, because it is possibly so simple.. Excellence is judged by results. Is a gold medalist..excellent solely by the definition that they have the medal... For me, I think that there is something missing..

A modernist, post industrial revolution reading would say that excellence is generated when a defined set of critera combine to create an output which is then excellent. The post-modernist in me thinks that the end result cannot be the goal. The journey is the key to excellence.

The artist in me reminds the world, that great music is alive, that great performances(the excellent ones) have a life all their own. Performing at the top of my game presents an excellent moment. To participate in circle of excellence, I have to mature my soul, my manner, and be able to encourage and influence others. I must share who I am, and we must by definition succeed together...

Excellence matters... Our world is sorely in need of more Olympians. Excellence is best when shared. I can sing the greatest performance of Nessun Dorma in the world, but if noone listens, there is a loss. A piece of the puzzle is missing.


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