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For us at Cap One, it is the dreaded annual review time of year. For the last 2 months, the entire world has appeared to focus on what everyone around us thinks. Our corporate culture is built on "feedback". This is a great idea on the surface. It may even be a required element to avoid the unfair treatment of incompetent management(at least legally that is). The downside, is that it doesn't work. I am talking about shades of grey for differences so the process is not worth it.

Personal success is still predicated on subjective assessments of my management. Without the support of a manager, success and grown cannot be achieved. The 360 feedback cycle is so generalized that it becomes largely unimportant. People (myself included) simply can't remember what happened all year. We are lucky if we remember the last month in the fast paced environment of today's corporate world.

The almighty "TEAM" is often talked about and largely unrewarded. Incentive…

Circle of Excellence

My last 24 hours have been spent pondering the concept of excellence. I think a definition for me must include passion tempered with discipline which generates results recognized by both the performer and the audience. The olympians are a classic example but my questions arise, because it is possibly so simple.. Excellence is judged by results. Is a gold medalist..excellent solely by the definition that they have the medal... For me, I think that there is something missing..

A modernist, post industrial revolution reading would say that excellence is generated when a defined set of critera combine to create an output which is then excellent. The post-modernist in me thinks that the end result cannot be the goal. The journey is the key to excellence.

The artist in me reminds the world, that great music is alive, that great performances(the excellent ones) have a life all their own. Performing at the top of my game presents an excellent moment. To participate in circle of excel…


Today is President's day and in honor of the great leaders of all time, I thought I would capture my thoughts about what it means to lead. More importantly, what it means to be effective. I just watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica and a comment , Admiral Adama made struck me... "Command is about people, not about the systems"

I have had numerous opportunities to lead in my 35 years, but I have never been in "command" anywhere except in my own family. It strikes me, that to lead my family, I have to completely sacrifice my self for us. From the outside, the onlooker might speculate that command becomes about self, when in reality, the opposite is true. From the inside, the discipline provided by strong leadership is comforting. The leaders' sacrifice seems to be a key factor. Perception of the leader from the outside is generally irrelevant, until it becomes a factor in the population being lead. Politics are important, but they must follow the pur…


Today is the year anniversary of the personnel committee ambush at Branch's. I am past it.. but I'll never be past it. I miss leading others in worship. I miss the regular study and preparation necessary to lead adults as they grow musically and spiritually.

The events of my "review" linger in my mind like a sick nightmare. I trusted those men on the personnel committee. I looked to them for guidance. I didn't agree on many things with them, but we all wanted the best for the church. I trusted Bob to look out for me even though he was an "interim". My pain is linked inextricably to the betrayal and utter disregard of me and my family. I deserved more. We deserved better.

The self serving sickness that runs rampant through our society manifests even stronger in the church. Inside a church, a rash desire for power and control generates the idea that a "goal" can be achieved. The ends cannot justify the means in this case.

I am a hypocrit. …


I had LASIK done on both of my eyes last week. For me this was a life altering event. I do not have the words to properly express the magnitude of the change, yet to the majority of my friends, coworkers, etc.. I appear the same to them. I have worn contacts for 25 they don't see the change, but for me, everything is changed.

My viewpoint on the world is now altered forever, yet I appear the same to others. That is a profound statement for me that resonates with thoughts around faith and ministry in so many areas. When I became a Christian so long ago, the same thing happened. I am not sure my 6 yr old persona really fully understood it, but the simple act of declaration was enough. The growth part has come after all of that.

My faith and belief system are now and must remain rooted in my experience, knowledge and most of all in my personal relationship with God. Those around me cannot see the difference in me, unless I act and show them. I cannot tell them, becau…