Wires, wires everywhere

I have concerts this weekend with solo singing, so working outside is not a good plan. Air is just cold enough to turn my slight cold into something serious. sooooo working inside is the game.

After 9 months of looking at a huge box of wires accumulated from our move(in my office of course), I finally decided to organize and trash. I ended up with 4 major areas. Ethernet cables, Stereo cables(RCA and speaker), power cables, USB stuff and then the last and biggest box was the TRASH.

It was so hard to throw away those old serial connectors, ADB extension, SCSI, etc..but realizing that I haven't looked at these things in years..I didn't even know they were there, and I don't have any systems that use any of that stuff anymore. It was strangely therapeutic to move on.

That thought has been recurring this week. We have done lot of new things, in our new home, in our new neighborhood, with new people. We love the old people, but not all of those connections are sustainable without current context. Without a working usable system of interactions, the old connections weigh me down. It is best to let them go and move forward. Easier said than done...and the disconnect order/threshold is very difficult to see. It takes a long time to actually accept the change and move forward.

It feels like I have been in "transition" for too long. Lord, thank you for being patient with me as I grow, make mistakes, fail, and even sometimes succeed. All of those things impact me positively if I look at them through the right lens.

I know there is a plan for me. My soul doth magnify the Lord.


Anonymous said…
I ran into someone at the grocery store today and I recognized her from the former church. I don't know her name.. just her face. She hugged me and told me how much we were missed. She told me that she had written on her "survey" that she wanted the people who had left to be brought back. She commented that she had told someone what she had done and they decided to do the same. It was sweet of her and I told her I missed lots of people. I told her that when we started hearing rumors about ourselves that it was time to move on. In truth it has taken too long to "move on." Do I totally disconnect? Can I totally disconnect? Am I disconnected where I am.... in some respects..yes... I think I'm in a healing place. I am uplifted by the music which has always been important in my worship.. I do miss some praise and worship songs. I am greeted by smiles and hugs but putting names with people is a slow process...and I just realized that I don't have a place to go on New Years Eve to pray in the new year.I remember, last year, standing in front of the church with a circle of friends...praying for the very soul of that church. Most of us no longer worship there.
Thank you God for providing a healing place and for your patience.

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