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Treehouse Saga

I don't have enough to do on the weekends... yeah right! dad and I have been promising the kids a treehouse for as long as I can remember.

Soooo the project began on 11/19 with the beams. It will be a hybrid treehouse/playset for the kids with swings, slides, climbing ramp, ladder.. maybe even a trap door.. Cool thing about a treehouse is that you have to custom build it.. no two are the same. Kind of like relationships between people.

This is a lot of fun. A lot of work.. but that is okay.

Pictures of the SAGA-- click here

Update:11/28 -- Thanks to help from a friend, and from Tracee... I have finished the floor of the tree house and all of the swing sets... We now have 4 swings, a disc swing and a ring/climbing bar.. VERY COOL... I'll add some updated pics to the website when I get a few minutes. I have spent a lot of time working in the last few days...Even working by yourself can be therapeutic. I feel better when I can accomplish something and then see the…


It doesn't mean old.. it doesn't mean experienced. It means that you are comfortable with who you are, and you don't feel the need to prove yourself to those around you. The closest parallel I could come up with is the idea of "tenure" in the university systems. The difference is of course, that tenure is "bestowed" by peers and committees. Maturity is earned privately through hundreds of successes and failures. People in my life contribute, but ultimately the growth is up to me.

On Stargate SG1, they talk about "ascension" as a concept of moving past a need for a physical body. In my mind, that is similar to my line of thinking. Maturity doesn't mean that I don't care about others around me, or what they think. It simply means that how they feel and think of me, doesn't drive my happiness. It isn't the focus of my actions in the world.

When I am finally comfortable with myself, I can make the "choice" to help o…

Wires, wires everywhere

I have concerts this weekend with solo singing, so working outside is not a good plan. Air is just cold enough to turn my slight cold into something serious. sooooo working inside is the game.

After 9 months of looking at a huge box of wires accumulated from our move(in my office of course), I finally decided to organize and trash. I ended up with 4 major areas. Ethernet cables, Stereo cables(RCA and speaker), power cables, USB stuff and then the last and biggest box was the TRASH.

It was so hard to throw away those old serial connectors, ADB extension, SCSI, etc..but realizing that I haven't looked at these things in years..I didn't even know they were there, and I don't have any systems that use any of that stuff anymore. It was strangely therapeutic to move on.

That thought has been recurring this week. We have done lot of new things, in our new home, in our new neighborhood, with new people. We love the old people, but not all of those connections are sustainable w…

Good enough

When are thing good enough? Our culture seems to glorify mediocrity. We give standing ovations to every performance these days. Who is setting the standards? I know that my Juilliard/WCC background sets me up to deal with unreasonable expectations.. I do expect higher standards of myself than others. I do think that it is worthy to always find something you could have done better even in success. I have had numerous teachers tell me that the day I decide I am "good enough" is the day that my growth as a musician stops. There is something here. I want to be a lifelong learner, who strives to perform better at every opportunity. Some performances/presentations go better than others, but the crux is about my personal perspective.

I am good enough for now, but I can never be good enough forever. That doesn't keep me from trying though...

Making a difference

November stretches into December.. Christmas is upon me and I wonder if I make a difference in my world. What is special about each of us? so special that God would come down into the world as a man, live as us, among us, and then sacrifice himself for all. The story is so fantastic. The idea that one man can and did make a difference for the rest of us. My world teaches me to rely on myself, and people that I can count on. Yet, even with all I can do, I so often accomplish so little. My existence, is serial, a sequence of events bound by a finite number of interactions with others.

Today, I was amazed and moved by a simple song about Christmas shoes... the song itself a bit tacky, too sensationalist, too emotional.. yet, I was touched in a profound way on the way to work, breaking down in tears. This is VERY uncharacteristic for me. Simply hearing the song colored the remainder of my day.

When I got home from work, I watched the last 30-40 minutes of "The Return of the Kin…