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Singing in public

Alyssa and Emma decided to make their public profession of faith yesterday. I was so excited that I wasn't sure what to say or feel. We have been talking with them for months about this decision. They did it on their own. They of course know that it was what Tracee and I wanted for them, but we made it clear that it was a big step that they needed to take for themselves. I will always remember their talk with Rod Hale after church..(the Rod of God) He shared with them about his personal decision and then explained that Satan would be after them now. They needed to pray and study the bible regularly to keep him away. I think they actually got it...

I led the musical worship elements at HRBC on Sunday as well and I was reminded of how wonderful it is to stand in front of people singing praises to God. Whether it is the congregation or the choir, the sound and the energy is contagious...

Quote from "ELF" with Will Farrell.... "best way to spread Christmas cheer i…

Without Faith

Conversation with a good friend at work today centered around how anyone can get through tough times without faith. Her best friend's son was beaten to death at a college in SC by an ignorant oaf, all over a girl. I didn't know what to say. I can't explain it. That is something I look forward to asking about in Heaven.

I think of all the things that populate my life. I am reminded that we can lose those things at any moment. We rented the movie "Robots" tonight.. what a great, entertaining hour and half.. Kids loved it. Tracee and I liked it. The theme in the movie was that anyone can succeed if they truly believe in their purpose, work hard and sacrifice towards it. I think there is a truth there, but not the only truth. Without my faith, my life becomes a means to an insignificant end. With faith, my life becomes a journey full of love, people, emotion, discipline, sacrifice and opportunity.

My list is incomplete, but so is my journey. Every day brings a …

Candle of Grace

Lighting a candle is a simple exercise, or so it seems. Under the right conditions, I strike a match, merge the sulphuric flame with a waiting wick, and then when I remove the source, the wick lights and becomes its own source. Grace is like this flame. God shares it with me. His love envelops me, consumes me and at the same time empowers me to share with others. The source flame is composed of love. I am bound to share this love with another this Christmas. I pray that God will help me to find an unlit or dormant candle in my world and provide the spark which will bring that person to life in Christ. Ann Weems writes in her poem Godburst:

"When the Holy Child is born into our hearts
there is a rain of stars
a rushing of angels
a blaze of candles
this God burst into our lives.
Love is running through the streets."

Father, Help me to run through the streets lighting candles of grace as I share your love in all that I do.