Beacon is the word that repeatedly returns to my daily world through multiple paths.. God is telling me something.. so here is the first pass at talking about it.

1. A signaling or guiding device, such as a lighthouse, located on a coast.
2. A radio transmitter that emits a characteristic guidance signal for aircraft.
3. A source of guidance or inspiration.
4. A signal fire, especially one used to warn of an enemy's approach

I noticed the active and passive functions associated with being a beacon. I think that I am being called along with all Christians to be a beacon in our world. That means it is okay to be distinctive.. not separatist.. but distinctive.. It is important that I know what my "signal" is and that I seek out ways to broadcast.

I think of all the beacon activities I present for the world's consumption. Too many are negative.. I have slipped in my own personal standards in the last year or so. That is something I will work to correct. Who we are at our core..along with what we do and say does matter.. because others are always watching...

Another important thought is that a beacon doesn't have to be the final destination...just a checkpt along the journey. If we are all beacons for one another... all seeking a path.. The journey becomes easier, and the path is well lit for others to follow...

One beacon is powerful, but a series is needed.. The song that comes to mind is so cliched.. but so poignant and clear in my mind..

"This little light of mine.. I'm gonna let it shine." The important thing is the light.. not the lamp.

I plan to stick with this idea and post more in the future..


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