Two very interesting comments on "normal"...I loved them both...

if you are reading this please post your ideas.. we all benefit from your thoughts...

For me, normal this week was summed up by my return to a Wed night choir rehearsal at HRBC. I had a great time. I sang hard, laughed a bit, and left wanting more. People there are no different than in past months but something is different about me. My context and my perspective to "desire" was to be in the house of God rather than feeling obligated by routine, expectations, and normalcy. I had no need to be in charge.. just a desire to lift my voice along with others...

Who defines normal for you?
What does normal mean to you in your daily actions?
What is normal in your relationship with God?
How is that different from your committment and dedication to your church?
What are the normal things about your family?
What is normal in your relationships with friends?
What are normal expectations of the "other people" in your life?

Family News:
Tracee continues to improve. Our life has some order to it.. even if just a little..


Anonymous said…
hip hip hooray!
Anonymous said…
"Normal" is a constantly changing state of affairs. All the other things happening in our lives daily affect what normal is. What was normal even last week or last month is totally different today. We just have to roll with the punches and take the sunshine with the rain. It never pays to be judgemental of other people because we really don't have a clue what is going on in their life at that moment which might be affecting what we consider to be "normal". This brings real meaning to "love thy neighbor" even when we can't really see anything normal about our neighbor.
So glad to hear Tracee continues to improve--prayers are being said daily for all of you as you make this adjustment.

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