Tracee pulled it off.. a whole weekend, where I didn't know what was coming.. a special b'day present away from the kids.. only word is WOW.. First we drove for what seemed like forever.. then had a great time with friends(Ang and David) north of Baltimore.. then dinner at the ESPNZone in was okay, games were pricey, but the fellowship with friends was priceless... Then we split up and went to the hotel...pool water was too cold, but the hot tub was nice...

Got up Sunday AM to find that we were going to worship at Cedar Ridge Community Church, this is the church where Brian Mclaren is pastor.. I got to meet and talk with Brian about his ministry and mine.. and then we took his Worship pastor Jimi Calhoun to lunch.. What a treat, his wife Julain came, as well as 2 friends... Eric and Wendy.. It was wonderfully validating to hear others who think like I do.. Thank You Jimi, Julain, Eric, and Wendy.

Most of all thanks to Tracee for a great weekend.. Click here for some proof.. we actually did leave the kids for the weekend, and we really did meet Brian Mclaren

Action: they all seemed to think that we(Tracee and I) need to start a church...I am still not so sure about that one, but it is hard to argue with so many great mentors. Regardless.. the best advice was to be true to self... seek what I am great at.. use it to further what I am good at, and Most Importantly

Bear Witness to God's love and impact on my life.. Tell my story.. the good parts and the bad.

BTW.. any of you wondering... Brian Mclaren is the real deal.. not arrogant, not ego driven, He is a humble servant of God..seeking to use who he is to make a difference in the world around him. Cedar Ridge is a testament to God, NOT to Brian..

1. Even Type A personalities can be surprised, and have a lot of fun when they have no control..
2. Tell your stories to your kids.. successes and failures.. they need to hear both.

New Books to read: Will our children have faith? John Westerhoff


Anonymous said…
How very cool! Sounds like the wife really loves you. Start a singing group first!

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