Couldn't sleep.. Today is the day of our big party... Feels like we are starting our "new" life. Funny we have been starting for 6 months now, but somehow assembling friends, family, neighbors, and even coworkers in a big celebration setting may provide the context for moving ahead. I am reforming my community and beginning to assemble my own base of operations to move out into the larger regional community and make a difference.

Pray for us that we can find the right pace to maintain family, but be true to our ministry calling to bear witness to the world of God's love for us.

My adrenaline is so high.. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.. I really can't wait to see all of the folks from Branch's and just help in connecting people. This is what I love..

Thank you Lord for allowing me to wake up today!


Anonymous said…
The party was great fun. It was so good to see those people from Branch's. On the other hand, it's sad to see that they have tried to ignore "the elephant in the room." Only two people spoke about the lack of interest in identifying the problem but rather looking back to years past.Two realised how much they missed the knowlwdge and spirit of our former leader. I am thankful that he escaped with his life.
There was agreement that there seems to be organ and Kitchen worship, as if that marks a new beginning. It is so very sad to me that they don't want or demand more, that they are content with the leadership because "he's temporary." I pray that they will see the darkness that sucks them in like quicksand.
I pray that they will develop a real hunger for Jesus and not be content with a half a tank of Joy. I am thankful that Anne safe in Gods arms and not further injured by the darkness.
I want that to be my past!
I pray for myself that I will find
"my place" soon because my heart is not content. CF

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