Large parties can be accomplished... True, we had more folks than we had originally anticipated, but even with a group of 90-100 the event yesterday went off wonderfully. It was a privilege to to get to see so many friends and hopefully, the neighbors won't vote us "off the island"

Memories I want to remember..

1. Cars everywhere.. up and down both sides of the street.
2. Huge choir surrounding me and singing Happy B'day.. what a blessing.
3. Lloyd and Charles sitting at the table talking..the LSMF VIP table in the kitchen
4. HOT HOT HOT.. even in the shade, it was sweltering.. but people came anyway..
5. Talking about XML and server options with Bob and George..
6. Graham's comment.. "well it was going to be hot, no matter where I was.. might as well come over here and be hot with people I like"
7. Diversity of the food, from Scotch eggs, to egg rolls, to macaroni and cheese, to pasta dishes, to deviled eggs, to potato salad, fried chicken... ALL GREAT...
8. Tara typing on the computer as we tried to get a mail merge to work printing name labels..
9. Talking about the fence with Lance
10. John putting in the horseshoe stakes.. which noone played with because it was too hot...
11. Terry making the hotdogs in the kitchen...
12. Mr D carrying the cake...
13. Kish's showing up "right on Kish time", and the goodbye hug from Nathan...
14. Hugs from everyone in general.. dry and sweaty ones..
15. James being chased around the house by naked Barbie dolls.. "loved his hair.."
16. Talking to Joe about returns at the Lowes.. always takes 2-3 trips, and he says it is easier when wearing a police uniform..
17. Hangin with the "Croakers".. gotta love typos like that
18. Firesheets' neighborhood tour on the way to the house.. the entire neighborhood..
19. Jerry missed singing Happy B'day..guess we need a personal engagement for that one.
20. Andy rocking Emily in the sun room, please go to sleep.. please
21. The luxury, reclining, fold up lawn chair that Captain Ford sat in.. everybody wants one of those.

We feel truly blessed.. and to think we still have so many folks we would like to see.. those reunions are for the days ahead.. No reason to live in the past..

Live for the future that God provides.. plans to prosper us, not harm us.


Anonymous said…
Memories of the party that I want to remember:
1. Sitting in the sunroom where it was really, really COOL playing with Clara
2. Visiting with Lisa & Heather hearing all about things in NOVA.
3. Seeing Jeff's face while everyone was singing to him.
4. Seeing ALL those people who came out in the 115 degree heat--they must really think very highly of Jeff & Tracee
5. Seeing what a great job Jeff & Tracee did in hosting such a huge gathering of people--they remained calm & collected the whole time
6. The morning after--seeing that oh so familiar look of feeling like you've been hit by a truck after such an event
7. Watching Alyssa, Emmy & Josh being so well behaved and being such nice "mini hosts" to everyone.
8. All that wonderful food!
9. Being so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this past weekend.

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