Questions, no answers

Lately, I have a lot more questions than answers... I sang at Monument Heights Baptist this AM at the invitation of Randy Clipp and it was wonderfully refreshing. Tracee and I both remarked at how comfortable it felt although we really knew almost noone in that congregation. The urge to seek out a new congregation to serve is overwhelming, but my instinct tells me that it is not the correct time just yet. Monument Heights seems to be doing so much right...Is that a church model that provides a template for the type of place that Tracee and I could step in?
If I am right about my ministry being centered around my singing... How does that fit into a new congregational music ministry.. ?
What is it about HRBC that seems to keep us from totally "connecting"? The Sunday school class is great, and the preaching is wonderful, but something is missing in relationships with the other musicians....What is it?
In a new "emerging" church model, how do I fit my traditional experience in and help to get people "on fire" for impacting their community.. not just building their church...? Am I assuming too much responsibility here..should I be just stepping back and allowing the holy spirit to work through me and the church...
What role does Tracee's passion for working with children, families and music play into this mix...?
Do we have to find a church where we can both be on staff?
Do I have to be a leader to be effective and fulfill my calling? how about Tracee?
How does the baptism by the holy spirit versus redemption come into play?..that theme continues to reoccur in life, sermons and sunday school conversations, not to mention my readings.
Can a Baptist church have a real arts program dedicated to excellence in the arts and music, or will the historic tradition always lend itself to being just "good enough"? Translate that last one to.. Should we just give up on our Baptist heritage and seek a music position in a Presbyterian or Methodist congregation..?

If you are reading this blog regularly and have any ideas about "answers" please take a few minutes and write down your thoughts.. It would be tremendously helpful to us.
How do you answer these questions for yourself?


Anonymous said…
I've really got to think about this one...but I knew it was coming. HRBC will be whatever you allow it to be in your life. Right now, I think it is not possible to instantly feel "At Home."
I think most of us, me included, need to learn how to follow rather than lead. When the time is right, God will let you know. still and listen!
Charles Hulin said…
Hi Jeff,

While I believe the Holy Spirit moves in my efforts to figure things out, there are definitely times when the Holy Spirit leads beyond or away from my analysis. So I guess the best thing I've figured out is that we should trust the Holy Spirit.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you are still singing and receiving invitations to do so at other Baptist churches. Folks need to hear your voice and feel your passion in your music. It is your comfort zone and you have much to offer.
You seem to be "in search of", though, like you are trying to fix something. So, in answer to one of your questions...yes, wait until you hear the Holy Spirit more clearly.
No...don't give up on Baptists, even though there are other denominations that seem to appreciate the music and arts more.
Baptists need to be exposed to your gift. Sometimes church folks don't know that they don't know. You can help them to learn. still...listen...
Ricky B. said…
Thank GOD, you have more questions than answers. Nothing scares me more than a "Baptist" with more answers than questions. We are Christians first and then Baptists. Polity and theology are always important considerations but sometimes we have to accept differences to go where he wants us to go. Love you brother Jeff.

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