Recital went great.. Week in the pool at mom and dad's house with the kids was a lot of fun. Different world is refreshing and troubling at the same time. I remember when that was all I knew.. Did I progress as I have matured, or did I just make my life more complex that it has to be... not sure on that one.. spending much time on it is probably a waste of energy..

It is important that we remember who we are and use the skills and blessings we have been provided.. NOT waste our energy trying to become what others think we should be.

Community is the key to impacting and helping people. We all depend on it...How can I use my music to create musical communities...WE have been thinking on this one all week.. more info to come.. when the time is right... ideas need to percolate...

In the mean time.. Charles and I are looking for recital venues.. We have a great program.. people love it, and we can do some good in our society by raising money for good causes.. call or email if you can help with providing a venue.

Pics from the week are here: click away


Anonymous said…
Hey Big Guy,

I think I vote for "we're just making life more complicated". --- I don't know that it's avoidable. Are you too young to have seen Future Shock?

It is nice to be able to take a break and refocus.

Pictures of your family are great!


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