Spectator Religion 2

Clarifying thought...on my previous post.. I think the blame for how we got here is 50/50 on the people and the church leadership.. Church leaders like me.. must stand up and take accountability for not growing.. for allowing "spectator/tv/consumer" congregation members to continue being lukewarm... Our congregations look to us for leadership... Tough love is required.. Just like parenting.. Just like leading project teams.. Just like coaching young singers..

Accountability for what is wrong is a critical first step to fixing anything!

Question for readers? How much time do you think we have to fix this stuff? Can it take years, months, or do we need to act now.. with urgency... This is a fine line...

I am thinking that a plan and progress towards the foundation would suffice for my expectations... Kind of like turning a huge flywheel.. bunch of consistent energy gets it moving until it has its own momentum.. and then it takes very little energy to keep it going.. Disconnected pushes..not coordinated, don't have the power to actually get it going..


cf said…
I wrote a response last night and somehow....lost it into cyberspace.
In Revelation 3:16, I think, we find out what God thinks about lukewarm Christians. Somehow each of us, individually, must take ownership of our Christian walk.It is not something that church leadership can do for us. They can and should lead us to understand our own responsibility but we can't hire someone to own it for us. I think that mindset is actually the beginning of the end for many churches.
When a few people want to control rather than to let God and the Holy Spirit control...then Satan has an expressway into the church.

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