Sith or Jedi

I think I may be obsessed with this idea of Star Wars and other movies attempting to function in a theological role. I wonder if this is new.. or if the arts have always played in this space. I think the answer is likely that the arts have always been the platform for spiritual and theological expression. The advent of mass media and the modern movie and music industry has just changed the audience to include most of the world.. at a single shot.. Mass Media is truly amazing..

Are you a Sith or a Jedi? I want to be a Jedi.. but I think in reality I am a Sith. I fall short of the pure, motives, focus and intensity of the Jedi.. They are the ultimate preacher.. they get to be "right" while at the same time, they have those cool swords and all of the powers.. They and they alone get to decide when and how to apply their "power"... they are judge and jury all combined.. they are even the police force.. Just think.. One guy gets to be the Law and the Order. (I like Law and Order the majority of the US population) Darth Vader seems to have more one on one power, but we all know that ultimately he has to lose.. Good always defeats evil.. Freedom trumps tyranny... but what is the cost..

By fighting.. are we making things better or worse.. Are we seeking to be "right" or just to be in power, because clearly we must know best.. ;) I am not a pacifist, but I understand the cost to fighting.. There are consequences.. Maybe the quakers were on to something here..

In today's version of America.. Have we become the Empire? Are we acting out of pure intentions, or out of a desire to remain in power? Think on that one for awhile... maybe Han Solo wasn't so crazy to be out there alone... the entire system of his universe was messed up.. literally... he rejected the empire, the jedi, and the rebellion...

I think I can identify best with Darth Vader, I am most like him... maybe we all are... but at least I know that there is a path to redemption through God's grace and love. In spite of my inability to "achieve the rank of master jedi" I am still valuable to God. All of us are valuable. The movie paints the extreme consequences of his decisions and actions... I often try to deny those realities..

Darth Vader was made up.. Jesus was not... Cruxifixion occurred by real people. Betrayal occurred then just like it occurs today.. every day...

For sure we aren't Jesus... but a better question...

Are you a face in the crowd simply following others in power.. no courage to act?
Are you a disciple?
Are you Judas?
Are you one of the Pharisees?

I would LOVE to hear thoughts on this...


kate said…
I don't think the question is ever Sith or Jedi. If we accept that all people contain a spark of God, or the "Force," we must recognize that the truth often falls into the gray areas. God typically uses unlikely heroes to perform great works. A lot of our identity depends on our acceptance, or reluctance to accept, the truth. Luke Skywalker didn't become Darth Vader's son until he unwillingly accepted it in Cloud City. Darth Vader didn't truly become Luke's father until he decided to save his son from the Emperor. Doubting Thomas only fully became a disciple when he touched Christ's wounds. I prefer to think of Jedi and Sith as a shifting balance- extremes are unhealthy, but conflict allows for growth.
Am I a Sith or a Jedi? A disciple or a Pharisee? I am all of them. We are all of them.

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