Post Hole Pizzazz

Spent the day digging post holes and setting posts... (57 of them) and working outside with 3 of my best friends.. what a phenomenal treat.. True we are all tired.. we had our fill of mishaps.. no deliver from Lowes, to losing lumber on the road... to busting tires on trucks.. to testing our limits.. in lots of ways.. Hard work, but great fun all at the same time. What a sense of accomplishment when you achieve something together.. working as a team with friends.

I bet I am the only technology project manager, opera singer, minister of music around that also now knows how to operate a bobcat.. with both an auger and a front end loader. Probably shocked the neighbors.. they have no idea what to think. But we had a blast..

Made me realize how important my friends are. Not just because of the work.. but because of how much I enjoyed spending time with them.. People really are the most important thing in the world.. all of the rest is mostly a waste of energy..

Love your neighber... Feed my sheep..

Happy Father's day to all you fathers out there.. Special thank you to John, Andy and Joe.. you helped to make my weekend a special one! I everyone had friends like you guys, the world would be a better place all around.


Anonymous said…
One of greatest gifts a father can give his child is the ability to be all he or she can be in whatever he chooses--it sounds like a guy with all your abilities must have a really special dad to have passed down all the stuff you can do. You really do know a lot of stuff! Just think of all the things you are teaching to your children now and will be teaching them even after they are grown.
CF said…
Treasure those friends.
It is interesting to note that sometimes really good friends aren't in touch daily or weekly but when they are together it is as if you have never been apart. Once a friendship is formed it has a life all its own. Those are the friends that you might not have seen in a month but when you need them and call they come instantly.
The other types of friends are a part of your day to day existence. You shine on each others life like sunshine. You can feel the warmth. They know your thought and finish your sentences. They are the ones who hold you accountable. You love each other, warts and all. When they are gone from your life there is an almost unbearable void.
They are a rare gift from God. You thank Him that you were so blessed because not everyone experiences this gift.

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