Emerging Church?

I wonder if there are any that I would characterize with that title in Richmond VA? I just finished reading some of my favorite ezine.. I highly recommend it..


My favorite idea... "Churchs in the US = 320,000 McDonalds = 15,000" Which has more influence on the culture today?
Most shocking statement: "in past 25 years..Christian Churchs in the US have spent over a TRILLION dollars on domestic ministry with no appreciable/measurable headway towards "winning more souls to Christ" If the church were publicly traded, the SEC investigations into mismanagement and corruption would dwarf the Enron scandal.."

Listen Up!!! We need to stop focusing on growing the club, and start focusing on loving one another.. God will prepare the way and do the heavy lifting.. if we can get out of our own way long enough to let him. Size and programs don't really matter in the end.. How many people we helped, loved, and shepherded do matter!


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