Textbook vs Storybook

I have so much to say about this... Institution v. People, here is a starter course.. much more to say about this in coming months..

My approach to the world.. is really this simple..

Get good people...Tell them what you want the end state to be... Support them.. They will succeed in the end... Most important thing is to focus on the people...

The old approach... build a "system" machine, and the people are expendable.. Build it good enough and the results will come out... I think this is a proven failure.. just look at history..

Which approach do you use, at your job, in your church, in your family...?

Question for the world, why does my generation seem to take this approach.. why does almost everyone over 50 take the latter approach.. Are we really that different?

Is the Bible a textbook for living(completed 1500 years ago), or a storybook that is still being written even today.. ?


Anonymous said…
It is much more than a storybook.
It is an answer book but also a book that provokes questions, makes you look inside yourself. It is "how to" and what not to do.
If you let it, it speaks to you and gives you what you need when you need it. It is instructions and also about destruction. What you do with it determines what it is and its impact in your life and that impact that you have on the world around you. Its a workbook to be written in and a treasure chest of jewels, sometimes a place of safe deposit for keepsakes. It is much more than just an old book.

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